Investing In Our Community

Recent changes in our economy, along with fierce competition in the economic development arena, have increased the need for intense and deliberate business recruitment. We must work together, be innovative, and build upon our past success to ensure our community’s continued prosperity. Engaging the private sector to support and expand our development programs will improve our success.

The Pitt County Committee of 100, Inc. is a not-for-profit, charitable organization recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) corporation. Formed in 1995, the Committee was created to stimulate and provide a broader network of support for economic development throughout Pitt County. The Committee of 100 is a proactive organization that can provide insight and capital funding to help close development deals. The funds are obtained from membership dues and expertise comes from the diversity of its members, which include businesses, business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, citizens, and other stakeholders interested in Pitt County’s economic development future.

In 2008, the Committee of 100 purchased the real estate assets held by Greenville Industries, a corporation that offered real estate at competitive prices and promoted economic development in Pitt County for over 50 years. Today, the Committee of 100 consolidates the work of the two organizations to maximize the effectiveness and impact of their efforts. Having the incentive of both funding and reasonably priced land, in Indigreen Corporate Park, the Pitt County Committee of 100 will be a powerful recruitment tool for the economic development projects of today.


Past Projects
  • North Carolinas for Educational Opportunities
  • Convention Center
  • Metallix
  • Biotech R & D
  • NC Economic Development Board Meeting
  • Contract Production Lab
  • Harper Brush
  • Technology Enterprise Center
  • Eastern Office of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center
  • PaperPak
  • CMI Plastics
  • Metrics
  • The Roberts Company
  • ASMO